Mozilla Firefox Customer Service

Mozilla Firefox Customer Service

A Mozilla Firefox is an open source web browser and it is compatible with all kind of operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and many other leading operating systems. An expert or developers of Firefox improving their technology regularly to provide the best services to the users but sometimes you can face an issue in using, then in this situation, you can contact our third-party Mozilla firefox customer service, through our Mozilla Firefox customer service number. They will help you with a best possible solution for your every problem.

Important features of Firefox

There is a list of some important features of our Mozilla Firefox customer service that help users to enjoy error-free serve.

  • Firefox provides an environment for the web developers in which they can use built-in-tools such as the error console or the DOM inspector
  • Tabbed browsing, spell checking and live bookmarking
  • It can have themes added to it so users can experience Firefox in a more professional way
  • Functions can be added through the add-on created by the third party developers
  • Download manager, private browsing and location-aware browsing based on the Google service
  • Firefox add-on website gives the user the ability to add other applications such as screenshots apps and many other useful apps
  • Searching is possible due to the search box that can be seen at the top right corner of the window
  • If a word is typed badly into the text box Firefox can use the spell checking

Issues resolved by our firefox customer support

  • Adds and pop-up issue
  • Firefox installation and uninstallation issue
  • firefox not responding issue
  • A Firefox not opening Problem
  • Unable to play flash video in firefox
  • Unable to customize Firefox interface
  • Firefox account password not working issue
  • Firefox software complexity or compatibility issue
  • Error in playing videos
  • Firefox data loss and data recovery problem
  • Unable to update firefox software
  • Server error
  • Unable to add or remove an extension
  • Operating system compatibility issue
  • Unable to configure proxy settings in firefox
  • Plugins not working properly
  • A problem in removing cookies and caches from the browser
  • Mozilla Firefox crashing automatically
  • Unable to access firefox advance settings
  • Not know how to recover deleted history in Firefox
  • Unable to delete cache, cookies, and temporary files

Features of our Firefox tech support

  • Here customers can get instant assistance
  • Our experts provide 24*7 assistance so customers can call us anytime
  • Customers can ask any query without hesitation
  • We have experienced Firefox technicians
  • Have highly trained and educated firefox experts
  •  Our experts provide support through remote assistance

Reason to dial Mozilla Firefox customer service phone number

Mozilla Firefox is easy to use and secure web browser but in some time you can face an issue in using want to get a solution, then in this situation, you can contact Mozilla firefox customer service through our toll-free number  1-844-313-5022. Our educated and well trained Mozilla firefox customer support team is 24*7 available for your help so you can call us anytime for any type of query and suggestion without hesitation. Our support team also help Firefox users by accessing their system through remote access, if they are unable to resolve their problems on call.