How to fix white screen of death in WordPress?

Do you want to get rid of white screen of death in WordPress? By reading this article you will be able to find some desirable solutions to fix this error.

What is the WordPress white screen of death?

It is one of the most common WordPress error which you can face using WordPress because it locks you out of your admin panel. In most of the cases it affects a particular part of your site while the other part of the site works quite fine.

When WordPress isn’t working properly, sometimes it displays a blank screen instead of your content whenever someone visits your site. You want this screen to go far off.

“Isn’t working properly” can refer to a collection of coding or database errors. If WordPress is a bicycle and your code is the chain, the white screen of death is what occurs when your chain go over the ring. You can’t ride your bike again (i.e. display your content) unless you put the chain back on. That is, you can’t make WordPress work again until you get rid of the white screen.

If you’re an advanced user and you’re satisfied using an FTP client (don’t worry if you aren’t; we’ll explain how to use one shortly) you should turn on WP_DEBUG to determine why your site is white screening. When active, WP_DEBUG mode displays error messages on the white screen that explain why your site isn’t working properly. You can use those messages as a guide in troubleshooting the issue.

That said, not everyone is comfortable using WP_DEBUG, and that’s ok! There are other ways to find out what’s causing the white screen of death.

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Main Causes of white screen of death

  • Memory Exhaustion
  • Poorly coded theme
  • Some of the plugin that may not be working properly
  • Issues with web hosting server
  • Your Theme may be causing the problem
  • Theme directory may be missing or renamed

Solutions to resolve white screen of death

1- By increasing memory limit

Exhaustion of memory is one of the main causes of this issue. So in order to resolve this type of error try to increase PHP memory in WordPress.

2- Disabling all plugins

After logging to your WordPress dashboard go to plugins menu and then tap on installed plugins. After it, a list of the plugins will appear. you can check here the number of the installed plugins and their statuses. Each plugin which is active has Deactivate button beneath.

Tap on it and the plugin will be turned off.

3- Replacing the Theme with a default theme

If the above methods don’t work then try replacing your current WordPress theme with a default Twenty Seventeen theme. An ideal approach to do this is by backing up your theme folder.

Then at that point erasing the theme. WordPress will therefore fall back to the default theme. Then again, you can go in your phpMyAdmin and refresh the database tables in wp_options table.

The leading table names would need to be refreshed: Style sheet, current theme and template.

If this fixes the issue, then you should look at your theme’s functions.php file. If you find any extra spaces at the bottom, then you should try fixing it.

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We know that this is a very irritating error, and we hope that one of the tricks above fixed the issue for you.

If the above solutions don’t work then you don’t have to worry. White screen of death is an annoying problem but it is easy to fix.

You can also hire our WordPress technical support team to fix this for you. For any queries, you are free to contact our technical support team WordPress help support number Dial : Toll-Free: +1 844 897 0441

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